The pool equipment you choose for your backyard or commercial space can make all the difference in how often it needs to be serviced. That’s because some brands are better suited for use in outdoor environments than others, and certain types of materials simply last longer too. So before you commit to a specific product, make sure that you do your research on what products will work best for both your budget and the size of your yard. It may also help if you get an estimate from a professional about how long they think each type will realistically last so that there aren’t any surprises down the road when something fails prematurely. Your pool equipment is going to last longer if you have a firm understanding of how it’s designed to function and where it needs the most protection from the environment. For instance, keeping your pump inside an enclosure can help prevent it from being damaged by debris, corrosion, or any number of other hazards that it might face outside. In addition, the enclosure will protect children or pets from getting injured on exposed blades.

Make sure the pool is clean by vacuuming and skimming it

Maintaining a clean pool is one of the most important aspects of owning and operating your swimming pool. The experts at JnJ Pools know that cleaning up after yourself isn’t always enough, so they offer weekly maintenance packages for you plus all the supplies necessary to keep your water crystal clear without any extra effort on your end. Vacuuming and skimming your pool daily is not only important for the health of your swimming, but it also helps with the filtration process. When you have a clean surface to work with, there is less sediment in the water. This lowers the pressure on your pump and filter system while increasing their effectiveness. Vacuum: As mentioned before, vacuuming and skimming the surface daily is easy and necessary. Getting rid of all the excess dirt and debris floating on top of your pool allows for better filtration and will make it easier for you to spot problems with your water early. Skim: Once the big pieces of junk are gone, you will need to skim off any remaining leaves or bugs that might be hiding in spots that your vacuum can’t reach. This step allows for a more thorough cleaning process overall.

Use a chlorine or bromine shock to eradicate any algae in the water

Shock your pool with chlorine or bromine to eradicate any algae. You must shock the water before it becomes too difficult for chemicals to work effectively on removing algae from the surface of your pool. Chlorine and bromine are two common forms of chemical-based algaecides, both effective in killing off all traces of green slime around the perimeter of a swimming pool. The type you choose will depend largely upon what’s available near you or which one suits your needs best. If there’s no nearby store stocking either chlorine or bromine, talk to us about how we can help! We’re happy to provide both products online at wholesale prices so that our customers don’t have an excuse not to own a sparkling pool.

Check for leaks by looking at your pipes, hoses, connections, and pumps

It’s important to check for leaks in your pool because they can lead to a variety of problems. For example, if you have a leaky pipe or hose, water may start running out and ruin the lawn around it. If there is a connection between two pipes that has a hole in them, water will continue to run through this opening until you fix it. In other words, when something goes wrong with one part of your plumbing system—something as simple as an improperly tightened coupler—it could cause major damage elsewhere on the property before you ever notice anything was amiss. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are at maintaining a pool because leaks can happen to anyone. To prevent issues, make sure not to ignore obvious signs of a leaky pipe or hose. For instance, if there is water collecting around the pipes coming from your filter system then you know that this could be a sign of a problem. Another sign of a possible issue would be if you see visible cracks in any part of the pool’s structure—the steps, balconies, or especially flooring—as this could mean that water is leaking through the walls and seeping out into the surrounding area.

Keep an eye on pH levels

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When you take the time to maintain your pool properly, it will save you money in the long run. One important thing that every pool owner should be doing is checking their pH levels regularly and making adjustments when necessary. If you don’t do this regularly then it can lead to algae growth, cloudy water, or even damage certain surfaces like plaster or vinyl liners. You should also make sure not to over-chlorinate your pool because this can cause other problems such as dry skin, irritating eyes, and allergies for swimmers. When all of these factors are taken into consideration with proper upkeep, pools become more enjoyable spaces for people of all ages which means they get used more often than neglected ones! It’s worth noting that this process is even more important if you have a saltwater system because you need to maintain both the pH of your pool and that of your system. If these two factors are not balanced then it can lead to sickeningly sweet or overly salty water which means you’ll be spending more time adjusting than swimming.

Test your water weekly with a test kit to make sure everything is working properly 

JnJ Pools provides the best customer service in the industry. They’re always available to answer any questions you may have, including what type of test kit is right for your pool and how often it should be tested. Whether it’s a pool, spa, or hot tub, JnJ Pools has the parts you need to keep your water looking and feeling great. They not only provide chlorine tablets, salt chlorinators, and other chemicals; they also carry filter cartridges (for both above-ground and in-ground pools), robotic cleaners, automatic feeders, pumps, motors, heaters, and safety covers.

Replace filters as needed

JnJ Pools has been in the swimming pool business for years and we’re proud to say that our team of engineers, designers, architects, builders, and water specialists are here to help you fulfill your backyard dream. With a variety of shapes and sizes available at an affordable price point, it won’t be long before you enjoy lounging by the pool with friends and family all summer long. We want nothing more than to answer all your questions so that when it comes time to purchase from JnJ pools there will be no doubt left in mind on who is going to get the job done.